UX/UI Designer



mingle & snap landing pages

While I was working at Thoughtworks Studios, I took a part-time web development course that taught me HTML/CSS and some light javascript. It also equipped me with the ability to navigate Bootstrap and build our redesigned landing pages (Snap and Mingle above), allowing me to create the assets and place them all myself. In the event that I was doing something more complex, I would “pair” with a developer and design together, which was very typical of the process at Thoughtworks. This work-style allowed us to expedite design decisions, implementation, and overall troubleshooting.

visual design - from print design to logos

As the visual designer, my other responsibilities aside from occasional UI tasks was to maintain and expand the look and feel of Thoughtworks Studios and all its respective brands. I would create print collateral, postcards, posters, banners, web banners, ad campaigns, iconography, and other needs (example of a few below).

During my time at Studios, I also created various logos: One being the logo for TW’s newer product Gauge, and another being a redesign for the now retired product Snap. I also created the logo and app graphics for a spinoff product our Mingle team had created during a Hackathon called ‘Post.’